1 Eligibility

1. I will be turning 16 during the national programme that I am interested in. Can I apply?

No, you must be at least 16 years old on the first day of the programme of your interest. Due to safety reasons, you are not eligible if you turn 16 during the programme or later.

2. I have already finished high school but I haven't started my studies yet. Can I apply?

No, only students who are still enrolled in a high-school establishment are eligible to apply for one of the High-School Students Internship Programmes. If  you are about to start your studies, you might be interested in CERN's Student Opportunities for Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

3. I am in the first year of my bachelor studies. Can I apply?

No. If you have already started your university studies, you are not eligible for this programme. However, you might be interested in CERN's Student Opportunities

  2 Application

1. How can I apply for one of the High-School Students Internship Programme?

If you are eligible for one of the national programmes you should apply through the official application form of the programme. The form will be published on the idividual page of the respective programme once the applications are open.

2. When will the applications for the High-School Students Internship Programme be open?

The opening day for the applications for each national programme might be different. Therefore, you should check the idividual page of the national programme you are interested in for more information.

If there is no relevant information there, it means that the applications are not yet open, so stay tuned.

3. What language should I use for my application?

For the majority of the programmes the application form is in English and you should also fill it in using the same language in order to help us understand how fluent you are. Even though the whole programme might be in your national language, you are expected to be able to use English at least on a basic level.

However, if you feel more comfortable using your national language, this won't affect your chances of being selected.

4. When is the applications deadline?

Similarly to the opening, the applications deadline might differ for each national programme. Therefore, you should check the idividual page of the programme you applied for, for more information.

5. Can I apply for an individual internship programme by sending you a CV and any other necessary document?

No, if you are interested in the High-School Students Internship Programme you should apply for one of the national programmes offered, through its official application form. There are however other opportunities for high-school students available at CERN. You can check the Beamline for Schools Competition or take a look on what  S'Cool LAB offers.

6. We are two friends or a group of people that want to apply all together for one of the offered programmes. Is that possible?

No the applications need to be done on an individual level. You can mention it in your application form if you have a friend who also applies for the same programme, but that does not ensure that you will be both selected. If you are a group of people you might be interested in Beamline for Schools Competition.

7. Can a parent/guardian apply on behalf of a student?

No, the application has to be submitted by the student himself.

8. Will I need to provide any special documents for my application?

The application is mainly consisted by some Fields and Questions that you need to fill in. You might need to provide a couple of documents (e.g. recommendation letter or school letter) which you should prepare in advance. Once the applications are open, we would suggest that you go through it carefully before you start filling it, so that you know exactly what kind of documents you will need.

9. Should the additional documents be in English?

As the selection committee of each programme is mostly consisted by people of the same nationality of the respective programme, it is okay if any additional document you provide with your application is not in English, but on your national language.

10. Will I be able to do any changes on my application form once it is submitted?

Yes, you can edit your application until the application deadline. When you submit your application, an automatic email will be sent to you, which includes a link to your application data.

  3 Selection

1. Who is selecting the participants of the programme?

In general, the In-country Coordinator runs a selection committee (occasionally with the help of the national coordinator) in order to go through all the application. More people who are involved in STEM related projects and/or the preparation of the programme might be part of the selection process depending on the number of the applications. The committee is normally consisted by people of the same nationality of the respective programme.

2. When will the selected students be announced?

The selection process can last 2-4 weeks depending on the number of the applications. All the applicants will be contacted via email with the results of their application shortly after the selection process is complete. We would advise you to keep an eye on the idividual page of the national programme you applied for, for potential announcements.

  4 About the Programme

1. What will I need to pay, in case I get selected for a National High School Students Internship Programme?

All the costs for the High-School Student Internship Programmes are covered by CERN. Those costs include traveling to and from Geneva, accommodation, meals, transport & social events during the two weeks of each programme.

However, you might need some pocket money to buy souvenirs and other personal items, or to pay for any meals outside of CERN e.g. at the airport. In addition, you will need to provide your own health insurance for your trip to Switzerland.

2. If I pay for all the costs of the programme myself, can I join one of the national programmes?

No, the only way one can join one of the High-School Students Internship Programmes, is by being selected.


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